Prove & Demonstrate

Our Proof of Concept (POC) services provide a test bed where business intelligence (BI) solutions can be assessed and evaluated. Throughout service delivery, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide firsthand insights, not only into the technical requirements, but also into the business needs that drive the technology requirements.

A Proof of Concept can also act as a predecessor to a project, where piloting technologies can be evaluated in a safe, controlled environment before deploying active trials in the real world.

Some of our structured Proof of Concept service offerings include:

POC: Demo It
Our POC ‘Demo It’ service is a half-day or full-day hands-on workshop aimed at showing you the high value BI solutions that Altek Solutions offers. Included are expert product demonstrations, sharing of best practices, and architecture and design discussions.

POC: Show Proof
Our POC: ‘Show Proof’ service is a small scale demonstration or Proof of Concept (POC) showing how your organizational objectives can be supported by our business intelligence solutions. Dedicated specialists will work with you to understand and establish your success criteria, collect sample data and specifications, and build and demonstrate a solution.

This offering can be delivered on your own hardware and software platforms, or you can choose to leverage our Solutions Center as an underlying architecture.

POC: Pilot Development
Our POC ‘Pilot Development’ is a customized full scale, real world demonstration of our business intelligence (BI) capabilities for your project, department or organization. Aimed at proving full performance, scalability, and life cycle management, we will deploy a pilot solution on a fully configured hardware environment.