Our Approach

One key element that differentiates consulting companies is their ability to promote internally a way of working and to ensure their consultants all apply the same way of working.  The challenge is on one hand to ensure that the next steps are known by everyone, and on the other hand that the documentation of the whole process does not come as a burden on the project deliverables.

morpholligence has been built on the ASAP methodology for BI promoted by SAP amongst their partners.  It can be adapted to the needs of your company and make sure that the execution and operations of the project are well managed while keeping documentation up to date, and risk and scope under control.

morpholligence provides work products and deliverables to every stage of a project along its life cycle.  It organizes the project in a number of phases, stages and steps, with roles, activities, best practices documents and pre-defined deliverables.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation Roadmap